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Who We Are

PIC Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on fundamentally changing how we treat cancer by developing a new generation of therapeutics based on the modulation of RNA translation

PIC Therapeutics was founded on the seminal work of Dr. Gerhard Wagner, a professor at Harvard Medical School world-renowned for his scientific expertise in protein structure and his research on interactions of eukaryotic translation initiation factors (eIFs)

PIC Therapeutics, led by President and CEO
Dr. Kathy Bowdish, was launched to translate these discoveries into small molecule precision therapeutics to benefit cancer patients. 


What We Do

At PIC, our precision-based therapeutics target the “master switch” of cancer signaling pathways, selectively blocking oncogene protein production by modulating the Pre-Initiation Complex (PIC) that drives their mRNA translation.  PIC Therapeutics' selective approach has the potential to simultaneously modulate multiple oncogenic drivers leading to a powerful new generation of cancer-treating therapeutics.

Committed to Patients

Our journey is guided by a dedication to improving individual patient outcomes.

Despite recent advances, currently available treatments often lose efficacy over time due to therapeutic resistance or to the complexity of the tumor as the disease progresses – issues that our approach is purpose-built to mitigate. 

PIC Therapeutics is steadfast in its commitment to patients with unmet medical needs and to realizing the enormous potential of our technology to their benefit.

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